Abra makes apps accessible

Our mission is to make app accessibility straightforward. As pioneers, we want to ensure that many more apps become accessible. With our products and services we help you to make your apps accessible.

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Our products

Our software allows you to automatically detect accessibility issues in apps. Use our dashboard and academy to solve the issues together with your team.

Our services

We are looking forward to help you improve the accessibility of your apps. We develop accessible apps ourselves, so we know what we're talking about.

  • Consulting

    We answer your questions and help to make your apps accessible.

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  • Auditing

    We audit apps, regardless of the framework they are built with.

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  • Training

    We provide training to take your team's accessibility to the next level.

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  • Testing

    Let users with disabilities test your app using assistive technologies.

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Our clients

Together with our clients, we are working on more accessible apps. Our goal is to include accessibility in all processes. This is the only way to ensure an app becomes and remains accessible.

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“The training provided by Abra resulted in increased accessibility knowledge within our app development team.”

Portrait photo of Jeroen
Jeroen de Vrind
Senior iOS App Developer

How accessible is your app?