App accessibility testing

Let users with disabilities test your app using assistive technologies. They will test your app with a mix of various accessibility features.

A blind user is testing an app using VoiceOver and a small Bluetooth keyboard


Learn how users with disabilities experience the accessibility of your app. We have a panel with a diverse group of assistive technology users. They are looking forward to test your app!

The users will tell you if they experience any barriers to using your app. This creates awareness and motivation for your team to solve accessibility issues.


Tests are conducted this way:

  1. We determine which screens and flows should be tested.

  2. We randomly select users from our panel, or pick users based on accessibility features.

  3. Users receive clear instructions how to install your app and what they should test.

  4. Users report their findings in text, and often along with a screenshot, screen recording and/or voice recording.

  5. When all users have finished testing, we will create a report containing all of their findings.

  6. You receive our report, which shows how the accessibility of your app is perceived.


Carrying out the tests and creating the report usually takes 2-4 weeks.


Pricing depends on the scope and amount of testers.

Testing prices start at € 1.000 for a small scope and small amount of users. This amount includes an appropriate compensation for the testers.

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