App accessibility training

We provide training to take your team's accessibility to the next level.

Jan Jaap is giving a presentation about mobile accessibility at a conference


In our training courses you learn how to make your apps accessible.

Our kick-off training is the starting point of accessibility within your team. No prior knowledge is required. We cover disabilities, assistive technologies, legislation and guidelines. Participants will acquire basic knowledge about digital accessibility.

Our developer training is a technical training for app developers. We explain in detail how to prevent, find and fix accessibility issues. We provide relevant code samples based on the frameworks you use to build apps. Participants will acquire in-depth knowledge of mobile accessibility.

We also provide tailor-made training and guest lectures upon request.


Participants follow our training via your video conferencing tool of choice. If desired, we can also provide training in-company.

We encourage you to invite your entire team to our training courses. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

All of our training courses are available in English and Dutch.


We choose a suitable date and time together. Our training usually lasts 2 hours.


The number of participants does not affect the price of our training. We do charge additional costs for in-company training.

  • Our kick-off training costs € 1.260.

  • Our developer training costs € 2.480 per framework that we cover (for example: Android, iOS, React Native or Flutter)

  • Pricing for tailor-made training and guest lectures depend on your needs.

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