Abra Desktop

Abra Desktop enables you to test the accessibility of any app from your desktop. It detects connected Android and iOS devices, and shows installed apps. Next, you can scan for accessibility issues in any app.

Interface of Abra Desktop, you can select devices and apps and run tests; the results are shown visually and in text

How does it work?

First, select the team to sent the results to. Secondly, connect one or more Android/iOS devices with your Mac. Thirdly, select a device; we will show a list of installed apps. Then, select the app to test. Finally, hit the run button to perform an automated accessibility analysis.

Detected accessibility issues are sent to the Abra Dashboard.

Abra Dashboard lists accessibility issues and shows app screenshotsSolutions for the issues are provided in the Abra Academy.

Abra Academy displays a list of accessibility rules which have specific testing criteriaWhat can it test?

Abra Desktop uses the full power of the Abra Test Engine. It can find accessibility issues such as:

  • Text scaling problems

  • Insufficient color contrast

  • Missing name, role and value

  • Missing landscape mode

Frequently Asked Questions

Results are immediately available after finishing the scan. It usually takes less than 5 seconds to scan a screen.

Abra Desktop uses the Abra Test Engine to check for a range of accessibility issues. These include text scaling, screen orientation, contrast, and semantics such as labels, names, roles, and values.

Yes, it finds issues which are shown in Abra Dashboard and guides you to solutions from Abra Academy, making it easy to fix issues.

No, only macOS is supported. In the future we might support other platforms. Our focus is macOS, because it supports first-party tooling for both Android and iOS.

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