Abra Cloud

Abra Cloud makes it easy to check the accessibility of any app. Provide us with the URL or installation file of your app, and we'll start testing it right away.

Expected Q3 2024

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How does it work?

You just need to tell us where to find your app in the App Store or Google Play. Or you can upload an installation file (.ipa or .apk).

Once we have this information, your app is downloaded on one of our real Android or iOS devices. We navigate through your app with the help of AI, and automatically detect accessibility issues on each screen.

The test results are available in the Abra Dashboard. Solutions for each issue are provided in the Abra Academy.

You can test the first screen of your app for free.

What can it test?

Abra Cloud uses the full power of the Abra Test Engine. It can find accessibility issues such as:

  • Text scaling problems

  • Insufficient color contrast

  • Missing name, role and value

  • Missing landscape mode

Frequently Asked Questions

After submitting your app, it is added to the queue. Test results are usually available within 1 hour. Paying customers get added to the front of the queue. We do everything in our power to keep the waiting times as short as possible, but scaling real devices is a challenge.

Simply provide the URL or installation file of your app. Our system guides you through the process, you can choose to test the first screen for free, or to purchase credits for extensive testing.

Abra Cloud uses the Abra Test Engine to check for a range of accessibility issues. These include text scaling, screen orientation, contrast, and semantics such as labels, names, roles, and values.

Yes, it is possible to share the results using a unique URL. You can also invite team members from the Abra Dashboard.

If you are unsatisfied with the results of Abra Cloud, you are eligible for a refund. Perhaps Abra Desktop is a better fit for your app, because you navigate through the app yourself.