Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and ensure that personal information is treated confidentially.

Personal information

Abra collects personal information when you get in touch with us through email, phone, or contact forms, or when we send quotes or invoices. We handle this information carefully and only use it for communication and providing our services. Your data is securely stored, and we don't share it with others unless necessary for our services or required by law.


Abra uses Cookies for functionality and to analyze how our websites are used. There are three types of cookies we use:

  1. Functional cookies: these are cookies to store your preferences;

  2. Performance cookies: these are cookies that track whether an advertisement leads to a purchase;

  3. Analytical cookies: these are cookies that track statistics about the use of our websites.

Local Storage

Abra uses Local Storage to store preferences for our websites. Keep in mind that when you switch devices, you lose your preferences.


Abra uses Google Analytics 4 on all its websites to understand how each website is used. This allows us to know which pages are popular, how long a page is viewed, and how users navigate between different pages.