Tanya van Workum joins the Abra team

Tanya van Workum had been involved with Abra since the start of Abra. As Paul’s partner she has been a sparring partner since the beginning and works for Abra on a project basis. Until recently, this was always in the background.

With her company 5Pro Mobile, she develops apps for companies and organizations. The development and design are mainly done in Ukraine, her native country. “Traditionally, there has been good mathematics education in Ukraine and a lot of interest in working in IT. Thanks to my own background and education, I have an excellent network there. Through 5Pro Mobile, we can realize app development quickly and efficiently, I supervise the process and am the product owner.”Tanya van Workum standing in an office with an industrial look

Building apps for Abra

Tanya has helped build several fully accessible apps for Abra with 5Pro Mobile. Her expertise in both mobile apps and accessibility enables her to act as a product owner and accessibility consultant within Abra. Recently, she also carried out her first accessibility audits. This combination of app knowledge and accessibility expertise is rare and valuable to Abra.

“My role within Abra as a product owner and consultant has now become structural. This will allow Abra to grow faster and help more companies in terms of accessibility. Where necessary, I call in my team from 5Pro Mobile, so that they can help Abra with software development on a project basis.”

Making Accessibility the norm

Accessible apps are not yet the norm in the industry. Although government agencies and semi-governmental organizations are paying more and more attention to this, many SMEs still find the development of accessible apps too difficult or time-consuming, often due to a lack of knowledge. “Hopefully, with Abra, I can change this perception and thus promote accessibility in app development.”