Abra releases Abra Desktop Beta

Abra proudly announces the beta launch of Abra Desktop. This innovative product empowers teams to automatically check the accessibility of their apps. It's a significant step towards Abra's mission of ensuring apps are accessible for everyone.

"Abra helps teams to make their apps accessible. We believe this should be the standard." says Abra’s co-founder Paul van Workum. "We notice that apps are getting more accessible, especially those published by (semi) governments and large organizations. However, creating accessible apps and aligning them with the Accessibility Guidelines is challenging and time-consuming. Our products and services make app accessibility straightforward."

Interface of Abra Desktop, you can select devices and apps and run tests; the results are shown visually and in textAbra Desktop

Abra Desktop automatically detects accessibility issues in apps, like low contrast or unsupported text scaling. Accessibility features are used by more than 50% of all app users and essential for nearly 25% of the population. We also detect critical accessibility issues such as missing names, roles or values. When these issues occur, it's very difficult to use an app with the screen reader, a tool mostly used by people with visual impairments.

And we don't just find issues, we also help developers fix them. Code samples are available for multiple frameworks, such as Android, iOS, Flutter and React Native. Fixing accessibility issues ensures that everyone can use your apps, including users with disabilities.

Watch Abra Desktop in action

Abra Accessibility Suite

Alongside Abra Desktop, the company is set to launch a range of products, including Abra Dashboard, Abra Cloud, Abra Academy and Abra SDK. Each product addresses specific needs of small and large teams, whether they are just starting out or already well-established. Abra is ensuring that accessibility is not just an afterthought, but a fundamental aspect of app development.

Best of all: our products are fairly priced, ensuring everyone can make their app more accessible.

Accessibility as mission

"Inclusion requires working together, and we ask companies to join us on this important journey," emphasizes Paul. "Our clients range from financial institutions to media companies, government organizations, and international enterprises. Their clients benefit from accessibility-focused products. We encourage developers to try the beta version of Abra Desktop to experience the future of making apps accessible."

We are looking forward to feedback and will improve Abra Desktop accordingly. Please note, upon the official launch you may lose data from the beta version.

Together, we can ensure that no one faces exclusion when they want to use an app.

About Abra®

Abra makes apps accessible. Our mission is to make app accessibility straightforward. As pioneers, we want to ensure that many more apps become accessible. With our products and services we help organizations of any size to make their apps accessible.

For more information, contact us at info@abra.ai