New co-owner Mike Slinkman strengthens Abra

Building accessible websites. That's the passion of developer Mike Slinkman (31). As the new co-owner of Abra B.V., he complements co-founders Jan Jaap de Groot and Paul van Workum. Get to know Mike and be the first to peek into his future plans.

Within Abra, he may be a new face, but for Jan Jaap, Mike is certainly no stranger. The two met during their computer science studies. They share an entrepreneurial spirit. Mike started his first company in 2016, even before graduating. By leveraging the latest technology, he managed to work for large companies. Along the way, he evolved as an entrepreneur and gained valuable expertise.

After nearly six years, he decided to venture on his own. Jan Jaap knew exactly who to call when he needed help maintaining and optimizing a website. "The collaboration went so smoothly that we decided to continue working together. Jan Jaap and I both have a lot of knowledge about software, but our expertise lies in different areas. His expertise lies in apps, while mine is in websites. By collaborating, we are able to help our clients even better."

Mike Slinkman standing in front of a light backgroundUsers come first

One of Mike's first major projects was developing Abra's new website and ensuring it is accessible. "This has always been a passion of mine. I believe it's important to create software that adds value or improves the user's life," says Mike. He emphasizes the importance of accessibility. "Presenting information in the easiest possible way increases the likelihood that users will understand it." Through testing his products with end-users, he ensures that his developments achieve the intended results.

Mike's future within Abra

What’s next? Mike is eagerly anticipating the launch of the Abra Dashboard. He has been deeply involved in brainstorming sessions and the development process. Thanks to this dashboard, you can track the accessibility progress of your apps. "In the dashboard, you can instantly see accessibility issues. Next, you can navigate to the solution in the Abra Academy."

Paul and Jan Jaap are thrilled to have Mike as new co-owner and are excited to collectively take Abra to the next level.